Fly fishing

Fly Fishing Lessons At Cabragh Wetlands
Learn the basics of fly fishing from an expert. Lucás from Holycross will take you through the essentials of this wonderful sport. From complete novice to those in need a little help to refine their technique Lucás is the man to help.
Learn to cast safely in the open spaces of Cabragh Wetlands. You’ll soon be angling, not tangling! You will also get sound advice on buying equipment that suits.

Lucás will take students singly or in pairs, so you are guaranteed personal attention and advice suited to your needs. What a great chance for a Father and Son to learn together! Or Mother and Daughter!
Fly Fishing is a great sport, relaxing and contemplative. You’ll learn to fish with respect for the environment, leaving a healthy river for tomorrow.
Book your place by calling Cabragh Wetlands (0504 43879) or call at the office. The price is just €10 per head for a 60 – 90 minute session.

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